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the Terms and Conditions
  • 【the Terms and Conditions】

    Kinder+ "Kinder Plus" hereafter (this site) is provided by Kinder Kids International School (Kinder Kids). The aim of this website is to create a deeper relationship between Kinder Kids and parents and to become an efficient service tool for educating your children "together".

    We understand you agreed the terms and conditions below after the registration.

  • 【Duration of test】

    There maybe a bug or things to be improved in the beginning, however we will keep making efforts for better service.
    We appreciate your understanding and continuous support.

  • 【Privacy Policy】

    The email address and other collected information you provide will not be disclosed to any third party.

    We may use this information in an anonymous way to improve our services and education activities.

  • 【E-mail address 】

    The email address you provide will only be used in case you forget your password.

    We will inform you in advance if it becomes needed for any other purpose.

  • 【Photos and Videos】

    Because this is an exclusive membership site for the parents of your school, we will upload the photos or videos of "au students". However, we will comply with any requests to delete photos having discussed the matter with the parents / guardians.

  • 【Registration ID and Password】

    We strongly recommend that you change your password regularly.
    Parents are responsible for keeping the passwords safe and Kinder Kids will not accept any responsibility for any personal information disclosure or use by a third party through failure to protect your password.