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the Terms and Conditions

The Terms of Use outline the rules and regulations for the use of Kinder Kids Parent/Guardian Portal, "Kinder+" (hereinafter referred to as "the Service"), which is provided by Kinder Kids International School (hereinafter referred to as "the School")operated by Kinder Kids Inc. and/or Kinder Kids International School Inc. Parents and/or guardians who enrolled their children in the School are to read the following terms and conditions thoroughly before using the Service.

  • Article 1 (Definitions)

    The following terminology applies to the Terms of Use.

    1. "User ID" refers to the personal identification code assigned to each child who is enrolled in the School and registered for use of the Service. "Parent/Guardian" refers to the person or persons with parental authority or equivalent who send the child to the School, and the child.

    2. "Account Information" refers to the information registered for the Service such as the User ID and Password.

  • Article 2 (Starting to Use)

    1. To start using the Service, the parents/guardians are required to obtain the User ID by registering their email address provided to the School at the time of the admission and password on the "New User Registration" and agreeing with theTerms of Use. Thereafter, the parents/guardians will use their user ID and password to log in to the Service from their smartphone or other devices connected to the Internet. Upon commencement of the use of the Service, a contract for use will be established between the parents/guardians and the School, which includes the Terms of Use and the rules for handling personal information.

    2. The School will provide the Service in accordance with the information registered at the time of the admission. In the event that there is an error or change in the registered information, the parents/guardians shall contact the School immediately to correct or change the registered information.

  • Article 3 (User ID/Password Management)

    1. The Parents/Guardians shall manage and keep their user ID and password for the Service. In addition, the parents/guardians shall not disclose, divulge, disseminate, lend, transfer, sell, or otherwise deal with user accounts to third parties, except as provided for in this Terms of Use.

    2. The Parents/Guardians shall be responsible for any damages caused directly or indirectly by inappropriate management of the User IDs or passwords, errors in use, or use by a third party, and the School shall not be liable for any such damages.

    3. One User ID is assigned to each child.

    4. The Parents/Guardians must inform the School immediately if their child's account is being used by a third party. After the thorough investigation, the School will suspend the account as necessary.

  • Article 4 (Environment)

    The Parents/Guardians are responsible for the purchase and acquisition of any and all necessary equipment to use the Service,such as computers, smartphones, and other devices with Internet access and other expenses incurred due to Internet access.

  • Article 5 (Handling of Personal Information)

    1. The Service will use the personal information of the child or their parents/guardians registered at the time of the admission for using the Service and on the student information management system in order to provide and improve theService contracted with the parents/guardians.

    2. The School may use the following (1) to (4) personal information of the child or their parents/guardians for the following purposes. When using personal information, the School will only use the information to the extent necessary in light of the following purposes. The provision of (1) to (4) personal information, which is necessary for the School to provide theService, is mandatory for the parents/guardians, but the provision of other information is optional.The use of personal information will be handled appropriately in accordance with the laws and regulations and the"Handling of Personal Information" stipulated separately by the School.

    • (1) To enhance the convenience of using the Service by authenticating and certifying the identity of the parents/guardians when they use the ServiceInformation used: Names of the child, their parents/guardians, and enrolled or graduated siblings, relationship to the child, addresses, workplaces, and contact information such as e-mail addresses
    • (2) To contact the parents/guardians regarding the use of the Service and to respond to various inquiries from the parents/guardians regarding the ServiceInformation used: Names of the child and their parents/guardians, relationship to the child, addresses, workplaces, and contact information such as e-mail addresses
    • (3) To analyze the information for the purpose of improving the Service and research and development of the Service provided by the School
      Information used: Usage of the Service
    • (4) To confirm the monthly tuition and to issue receipts to the parents/guardians
      Information used: Names of the child and their parents/guardians, the status of applications and amount for the courses

    3. The School asks that the parents/guardians take extra care when handling the information posted on Kinder+ and do not disclose or leak this information to third parties, including posting the information on Social Networking Sites without permission, or use it for any purpose other than the purpose of using the Service.

    4. The School may obtain information (information that does not identify or specify individuals) regarding parents'/guardians' access to the Service and the status of applications, and analyze and use of such information without special restrictions for the purpose of improving the quality of the Service and disseminating information regarding theSchool's education and training.

  • Article 6 (Copyright Ownership)

    1. The copyright of all data (including but not limited to logos, images, videos, documents, and other media) posted onKinder+ shall belong to the School.

    2. With regard to the contents provided by the School through the Service, the School grants the parents/guardians the right to use the contents within the scope of use of the Service, but the School does not transfer or grant parents/guardians the right to freely use, profit from, or dispose of the contents.

    3. The Parents/Guardians shall not exercise their moral rights in the images and videos posted on Kinder+, and shall not make any claim of infringement of portrait rights or other rights.

  • Article 7 (Unauthorized Use)

    The Parents/Guardians may not use, reproduce, delete, or reprint the data without permission (including, but not limited to,reprinting on SNS such as Line, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) etc. If such an event occurs, and a claim or dispute with a third party arises or is likely to arise, the parents/guardians shall be held responsible for resolving the matter on their own, and the School shall not be responsible for or take any action to resolve the matter.

  • Article 8 (Downloading Videos)

    There are videos on the Service available for the parents/guardians to download.

    1. The downloaded videos are solely for the purpose of recording the growth of the child of the School by the parents/guardians, and any other use is strictly prohibited.

    2. The School will not be responsible for any support or damages caused by failure to download or view the saved data due to the parents'/guardians' device, internet environment, or browser.

    3. In accordance with Article 7 and Article.

  • Article 9 (Receipts)

    1. The School will issue a receipt to the parents/guardians available for downloading or printing a PDF file from Kinder+.

    2. The School will not issue or send a downloaded and printed receipt in the form of a PDF file, or handwritten receipt under any circumstances.

    3. When downloading or printing a receipt as stipulated in Paragraph 1, the parents/guardians shall address the receipt to the name of the payer or the name of the child, and shall not download or print the same receipt under multiple names or use it for any other purpose.

    4. Falsification, unauthorized use and/or reproduction of receipts is prohibited

  • Article 10 (Ownership of Intellectual Property Rights)

    All intellectual property rights related to the Service belong to the School or to the rightful owners and the permission of use of the Service is not a permit to use these intellectual property rights for other purposes. In addition, the School shall not be responsible for the handling of personal information between the parents/guardians.

  • Article 11 (Prohibited Acts)

    1. The Parents/Guardians shall not engage in any of the following activities when using the Service.

    • o 1-1. Acts that infringe or may infringe on the intellectual property rights or other rights of the School, other users,or third parties
    • o 1-2. Acts of decompiling, disassembling, reverse engineering, or otherwise analyzing the source code of the Service for computer programs obtained through the use of the Service
    • o 1-3. False declaration of user information regarding the Service
    • o 1-4. Unauthorized use of personal authentication information such as User IDs and passwords, or allowing other users to use such information
    • o 1-5. Falsifying or deleting the contents of the Service or information that can be used through the Service, or allowing a third party to use the Service
    • o 1-6. Sharing the URL with a third party to download the video.
    • o 1-7. Unauthorized reproduction of images and videos posted on the Service
    • o 1-8. Providing benefits to antisocial forces, etc.
    • o 1-9. Discrimination or defamation of others, or defamation of their reputation or trust
    • o 1-10. Acts that lead or may lead to crimes such as fraud
    • o 1-11. Transmitting or posting images, documents, etc. that are obscene, such as child pornography or child abuse
    • o 1-12. Transmitting harmful computer programs such as viruses
    • o 1-13. Acts that interfere or may interfere with the communication or operation of a third party or the server of theService
    • o 1-14. Acts of impersonating the School to collect information on the School or children of the School
    • o 1-15. Acts that cause or may cause the use of the Service by the Parents/Guardians and/or children who are not enrolled or will not be enrolled in the School
    • o 1-16. Acts of renting, transferring, or selling the account or contents of the Service to a third party without the consent of the School
    • o 1-17. Linking to this portal in a manner or for a purpose that encourages such acts, knowing that such acts fall under any of the preceding items
    • o 1-18. Other acts that the School deems inappropriate for the Service

    2. In the event that the Parents/Guardians become aware of any of the above acts, they shall inform the School immediately.

  • Article 12 (Measures Regarding Violations of Rules and Regulations)

    1. In the event that the School determine that any of the following applies or is likely to apply, the School may, at theSchool's discretion, take any and all measures such as suspending or restricting the use of the Service, canceling the contract including deleting the account information, etc. against the relevant parents/guardians without any notice.

    • (1) If all or part of the information provided at the time of enrollment is found to be false
    • (2) If the applicant is a minor, an adult ward, a person under curatorship, or a person under assistance, and has not obtained the consent of a legal representative, parents/guardians, curator, or assistant
    • (3) If there is no response to an inquiry or other request for response from the School for more than 30 days
    • (4) If the person is or has some kind of interaction or involvement with an antisocial force, etc., such as cooperating with or being involved in the maintenance, operation or management of an antisocial force, etc. through the provision of funds or other means
    • (5) If the School deems it necessary for the operation, maintenance and management of the Service
    • (6) If the User violates any other provisions of the Terms of Use
    • (7) If the School deems that there are other reasons similar to the preceding items

    2. Even after the suspension of use, etc., the parents/guardians shall not be exempted from their contractual obligations and liabilities to the School (including, but not limited to, liabilities for damages).

    3. Even after the deletion of the account information, the School may retain and use the personal information provided to the School for any damages caused by the School's the School's actions based on this Article in accordance with the provisions of Article 6.

  • Article 13 (Interruption of Service)

    1. The School may suspend the provision of all or part of the Service without prior notice or consent of the parents/guardians if the School deems any of the following to be applicable.

    • o 1-1. If it is unavoidable to do so for maintenance of equipment or construction work managed by the School or theSchool's contractors (including other systems necessary to provide the Service. The same shall apply hereinafter)
    • o 1-2. If it is unavoidable for operational or technical reasons of the Service
    • o 1-3. If telecommunication facilities, telecommunication lines, servers, etc. are stopped due to circumstances beyond the School's control.
    • o 1-4. If the School is unable to provide the Service due to unforeseen circumstances such as lightning, fire, epidemic,power failure, natural disaster, windstorm, flood, etc.
    • o 1-5. In any other cases where the School deems it necessary to suspend the Service

    2. In the event that the School intends to suspend the provision of the Service pursuant to the preceding paragraph, theSchool will notify the user of the reason, the date of implementation, and the period of implementation in advance.However, this shall not apply to urgent and unavoidable cases.

  • Article 14 (Suspension of Service Provision or Restriction of Use)

    1. The School may suspend the provision of all or part of the Service, restrict the use of the service, or delete the account without prior notice or consent to the parents/guardians in the event that any of the following apply.

    • o 1-1. If the parents/guardians violate any of the provisions of the Terms of Use
    • o 1-2. If there is a false statement of fact or omission in the registration information at the time of admission
    • o 1-3. If the School deems that there is a credit crisis such as arrears of payment, inability to make payment, bankruptcy,corporate reorganization proceedings, civil rehabilitation proceedings, or filing for such proceedings
    • o 1-4. If there is an infringement or potential infringement of a third party's intellectual property rights, privacy, honor rights,portrait rights, or other personal rights or property rights
    • o 1-5. In any other cases where the School deem the use of the Service by the user to be inappropriate
  • Article 15 (Termination of Service Provision)

    The provision of the Service is subject to the assumption that the Terms of Service and the ongoing provision of the Service authorizing the parents/guardians by the School is still in effect. Therefore, in the event that the parents/guardians leave the School, the authorization of use will be canceled at 11:00 p.m. on the 1st of the following month after the month of the withdrawal, and the provision of the Service will be terminated.

    2. After the termination of the Service as described in the preceding paragraph, the School will not be responsible for any data storage, etc.

    3. The School will not be liable for any damage caused by the suspension or termination of the Service (regardless of the reason).

  • Article 16 (Contact Method)

    1. The School shall use the registered email address to contact the parents/guardians regarding the Service.

    2. If the parents/guardians registered email address is supported by the cell phone company, it may be filtered and not be received, so the School recommends that they register a PC email address. The School will not be held responsible for any loss or damage caused by not receiving emails from the School.

    3. Other communications regarding the Service shall be done on the system or by the email delivery service separately in case of urgent need.

    4. Inquiries regarding the Service shall be sent to the inquiry form provided on the Service website.

  • Article 17 (Storage Period of Published Data)

    1. The storage period of the published data is from April, when the school year starts, to the last day of the third semester when the child completes the school year. From the start of the new school year, only the information for the new grade will be posted, and the information from the previous year can no longer be accessed.

    2. Regardless of the provisions of the preceding paragraph, only the monthly tuition statements and receipts shall include the details of the monthly tuition for January through March of the previous year in addition to the period specified in the first sentence of the preceding paragraph.

    3. The administrator or the School may set a viewing period for the information posted on the Service at the School's discretion. The parents/guardians agree in advance that they will not be able to view the information after the expiration date, even if the data has been saved.

    4. After the expiration of the storage period, the School will not be responsible for the preservation of the data.

  • Article 18 (Compensation for Damages and Disclaimer)

    1.@In the event that the parents/guardians cause damage to the School due to a violation of the Terms of Use, a fraudulent or illegal act in relation to the use of the Service (including cases where the School receives a claim for compensation for damages or other claims from a third party), the parents/guardians shall compensate the School for any and all damages.

    2.@In the event that a dispute arises between the parents/guardians and a third party in relation to the use of the Service, the parents/guardians shall resolve the dispute at their own cost and expense, and shall not cause any damage to the School.

    3.@The School shall not be liable for any damages on the parents/guardians in relation to the use of the Service, except for damages incurred due to reasons attributable to the School.

    4.@The School does not guarantee that the Service will not cause problems in the OS (operating system) environment of each terminal used by the parents/guardians. The School also acknowledges in advance that malfunctions in the operation of the Service may occur due to OS version upgrades, etc. or settings of the terminal used.

    5.@In the event that the user suffers damage due to virus damage, power failure, server failure, line failure, damage caused by natural disasters, or any other unforeseen circumstances that is beyond the School's control, which cannot be prevented by the measures that the School normally takes, the School shall not be liable for such damage.

  • Article 19 (Change of Registration Information)

    The Parent shall change the registered information for the Service without delay through the procedure designated by theSchool.

  • Article 20 (Severability Clause)

    In the event that portions or provisions of the Terms of Use are declared unenforceable or invalid by a court of designated jurisdiction, such portions or provisions shall be modified or interpreted so as to give effect to the original intent of the provision to the fullest extent permitted by law, and the validity of the Terms of Use shall not be thereby affected in any way whatever.

  • Article 21 (Changes to the Terms of Use)

    1. The School reserves the right to change or partially abolish the Terms of Use or the contents of the Service at theSchool's discretion, regardless of whether the parents/guardians are aware of it or not.

    2. In the event that changes are made as described in the preceding paragraph, the parents/guardians will be notified in advance of the changes and the effective date of the changes via the service website.

    3. If the parents/guardians do not agree to the changes in Paragraph 1, the School is not obligated to continue providing theService, and the School will ask them to stop using the Service before the changes take effect. If the parents/guardians continue to use the Service after the change, it will be assumed that they agree in advance and that the new terms and conditions will apply.

  • Article 22 (Governing Law)

    The Terms of Use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan.

  • Article 23 (Exclusive Jurisdiction)

    The School and the parents/guardians agree in advance to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Osaka District Court as the court of first instance for the resolution of any disputes arising between the School and the parents/guardians arising out of or in connection with the Service.

  • Article 24 (Consultation)

    Any matter not stipulated in the Terms of Use or any doubt arising with respect to any provision of the Terms of Use shall be resolved upon mutual consultation between the parents/guardians and the School.

  • Article 25 (Customer Support)

    For technical support, feedbacks, or inquiries regarding handling of personal information, please contact Customer Support:
    Kinder+ Customer Support
    TEL:06-6135-0150 (weekdays 9:00~18:00)